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Manage your home from anywhere.

Nexia helps you connect to your home from an all-in-one app. If you’re looking for home automation ideas or for a single app that controls multiple smart products, including a WiFi security camera, thermostat, remote control lighting and much more, Nexia has the solution for you!

How it works.

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Selective, Not Exclusive

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Nexia works with today’s innovative brands that are changing the way we live.

You decide what matters.

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    Making sure the kids get home safe.

    "Because of work, I can’t always be there when my kids get home from school. I would always worry about if they made it home safe or not. Thanks to Nexia I get an alert the second they arrive home."

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    Checking on our vacation home.

    "Our lake house is a couple hours away so Nexia makes us feel like we’re there even when we’re not. We can view the cameras around the house from our smartphones, and we receive alerts where there is any sort of activity. There’s a real peace of mind knowing our house is still within our reach. "

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    Adjusting the temperature before I get home.

    "There’s nothing better than walking into a home that’s already at a comfortable temperature. Even with a busy and changing schedule, I can always warm up or cool down the house before I arrive. Plus, it’s great to know that I can save a few bucks by not wasting energy with the A/C or heat running all day."

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    Safe and connected home.

    "I use locks, cameras, and sensors around my house so I always know what is going on. It’s comforting to know that the cameras will record automatically and I’ll get an alert on my phone if activity is detected. Nexia puts me in control of my home so I always know what is going on."

Choose the products you want and how you want those products to work together in your home. The result is a customized system that connects you to your home in a way that matters to you. That’s the beauty of Nexia.

  • "While Nexia has a mountain of features, the security features are really impressive..."

  • “Nexia makes home automation simple, and accessible even to less tech-minded consumers.”

  • “The Nexia Bridge offers easy setup and a low maintenance entry point to offer comprehensive home automation controls.”


Uniquely yours.

With many different Nexia-compatible products, the possibilities are endless. Add up to 230 smart products all at once or expand your system gradually.