FortrezZ Wireless Water & Temperature Sensor

Protect your home from internal water damage with the FortrezZ Wireless Water and Temperature Sensor. This innovative, Z-wave device is designed to monitor pipes, water heaters, sump pumps, and bathroom, kitchen and laundry room fixtures. The sensor alerts you when water is detected or a temperature reaches a customizable set point. Best of all, with Nexia, you can monitor all these home appliances and fixtures even when you’re not home—all from any internet-enabled smart phone, tablet or computer.

  • Receive a text or email alert when the sensor detects water.
  • Get notified if temperature goes below or above a customized set point.
  • Monitor your second home or rental property; get notified if the pipes are leaking or reach an unsafe temperature level before they burst.
  • Common applications include the laundry machine, kitchen kitchen or bathroom sink, the toilets, water heaters, or any other areas or appliances in your home prone to leaks.
  • Combine with the FortrezZ Water Valve; through Nexia, the products can communicate and automatically turn the main water supply off if a leak is detected anywhere the water sensor is placed.

**Please note: Any FortrezZ water sensors orders placed the week of 10/30 are on back order and will ship the following week

FortrezZ offers two different types of water sensors.  For a detailed description of each, please refer to the chart below.

Local indication of water detectedBuzzerLED
Temperature alerts when extreme temperatures occurYes, at predefined thresholdsYes, at user defined thresholds
Temperature reports of the current temperatureNoYes, when temperature changes 2 degrees or more, maximum 2 updates per hour

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