Dimmer Module/ Z-Wave Repeater

Control your lights while extending your Z-wave signal with the Schlage Dimmer Module. With Nexia, you can turn lights on/off or dim them from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  This dimmer module is perfect if you want to control lighting without messing with wiring — just plug it in.

  • Works with incandescent table and floor lamps (Note: use the Schlage Home Appliance Module for lamps with CFL bulbs)
  • Reduce energy use and save money by turning lights and small appliances off
  • Use Nexia automations to automatically trigger lighting with other connected product actions or set to a schedule
  • Acts as a Z-Wave repeater, expanding the reach of Nexia in your home by extending its range up to 50-100 additional feet
*Requires the Nexia Bridge or Trane XL824/ 850 thermostat or American Standard Gold 824/ 850 thermostat in order to communicate with your Nexia app.