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Z-Wave: The Smart Choice

There are a handful of technology platforms used in home automation. Which one should you choose? How do they differ? Can you use more than one technology in your home? These are all good questions. And the best way to answer them is to share why we chose Z-Wave for Nexia.

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Kim Myles

HGTV Design Star Kim Myles Dishes on Nexia

Kim Myles, winner of HGTV's Design Star show, talks to homeowners and renters alike about how to ready your home ...

HVAC Contractors Can Lead Smart Home Revolution

Smart homes are poised to be the next big thing. Consumers, remodelers and builders are embracing this technology that is ...

Creating a reminder alert automation

Create reminder alerts using the mynexia.com desktop portal. Go to Automations tab at top of MyNexia.com Select Add Automation Name ...

Best Home Automation Gifts

What are the best home automation gifts this holiday season? A smart home is a safe, comfortable home, and what ...

Make Business Travel Successful with a Secure, Affordable Smart Home

Smart-Home Leader Nexia Offers Easy Tips on Getting Started Last minute business travel can feel like you’re flying by the ...

Voice-enabled Technology’s Role in the HVAC Industry

Smart hub devices are among the most popular items on consumer Christmas lists this year, and HVAC manufacturers have taken ...

Smart is Sexy with Nexia & Alexa: Setting the Valentine’s Day Mood

Smart has always been sexy, but now your Nexia-powered smart home can help set the mood for love this Valentine’s ...

Smart Home Leader Nexia™ Powers the Z-Wave Alliance Demonstration House at CES

LAS VEGAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Smart home leader Nexia™, a brand of Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), is the electronic brain powering the Z-Wave Alliance ...