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Z-Wave: The Smart Choice

There are a handful of technology platforms used in home automation. Which one should you choose? How do they differ? Can you use more than one technology in your home? These are all good questions. And the best way to answer them is to share why we chose Z-Wave for Nexia.

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Nexia puts users in control with in-app voice commands

Nexia is all about empowering its subscribers to control and manage their smart homes whenever, wherever and however they want ...

Nexia Adds Support for Multi Sensors

Ingersoll Rand has added multi-sensor support to the DIY connected-home system it markets under its Nexia brand. The first batch ...
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AFB AccessWorld Magazine: CES 2017 Highlights

Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the incomparable gathering of consumer electronics developers, distributors and enthusiasts, hit a milestone when it turned ...
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Security and Convenience are Crucial for Smart Home

George Land, Business Director, Nexia at Ingersoll Rand, provides industry insights for his upcoming CONNECTIONS speaking engagement: What is the ...

Stay fire-safe with Nexia during Fire Prevention Week

Did you know that an average of seven people die in home fires every day in the United States? Or ...

Smart home technology that emphasizes the home

I'm an engineer who loves to tinker – but if you told me I'd have to swap out all my ...

Ask Paul: 1st Edition: What are home automation protocols and which ones does Nexia support?

There is a lot written about smart home protocols in the media and many companies are fighting for a slice ...

Upgrade the Holiday Magic with Nexia

The holidays can be magical, but building Nexia into the celebration makes them even more fun with automations that impress ...