1000 Ways to Use Nexia!

Tips & Tricks


We lost track in counting the many ways people connect their products through Nexia, but we figure there must be at least 1000!  The Nexia team has included our ideas, plus some crazy ideas we’ve heard about over the years, but we’d love to hear from you about how you connect with Nexia.

Whether you just need a quick refresher on Automations or they’re brand new to you, take a peek at our video tutorial.

Real Ways People Use Nexia

Automations using Temperature triggers such as:

  • Multi-Sensor: Send an alert if the temperature gets above 100 or below 32
  • Multi-Sensor – Ceiling Fan Controller: Turn on the ceiling fan low if above 75, high if above 80.
  • Multi-Sensor: Send an alert if the baby’s room ever gets above 77 or below 67
  • Multi-Sensor – Thermostat: Turn on the thermostat circulating fan if a room gets too warm such as when the sun hits in the afternoon

Nexia Automations – Door/Window Sensor: Save yourself the trouble of checking the mousetrap in your attic every day. Receive an alert when the mouse trap in your attic crawl space has been tripped using a door/window sensor.

Nexia Automations – Dimmer or Appliance Module, or LED Z-Wave Light Bulb: Set the living room lights to turn off at 11pm on weekends to make sure that if you have company staying just a little too late, they get the hint that it’s time to go

Multi-Sensor: Monitor the temperature in other areas of the house where a thermostat doesn’t exist such as bedrooms, basements and second floors

Nexia Automations – Multi-Sensor – Ceiling Fan Controller – Appliance Module: Create Automations with other connected devices to control such things as fans and dehumidifiers/humidifiers when a certain temperature or humidity point is reached

Nexia Automations – Multi-Sensor – Z-Wave Lock – Z- Wave Garage Door Controller: Lock the doors and close the garage when the room is at a luminance of 30%

Nexia Automations – Multi-Sensor: Send an alert if the cookie jar or wrapped presents are disturbed

Indoor Wifi Camera – Door/Window Sensor: Trigger a video clip when the front door opens… or when the liquor cabinet opens

Nexia Modes – Dimmer Modules – Thermostat – Z-Wave Lock – Garage Door Controller: 

away When we set the house to away mode, turn off all the lights, set the thermostat back, lock the doors, close the garage,  and disable most automations

Nexia Automations – Indoor Wifi Camera – Motion Sensor: Trigger a video clip when motion is detected in the foyer

Nexia Automations – Dimmer or Appliance Module – Motion Sensor: Turn on a night light for 5 minutes when motion is detected in the hall/bathroom after dark

Door/Window Sensor – Dimmer or Appliance Module: When the door opens, turn on the hall light for 10 minutes

Nexia Automations – Appliance Module: Shut down the Kid’s WiFi router every night at 10pm

Nexia Automations – Motion Sensor – Dimmer or Appliance Module: When motion is detected in kids playroom, turn on the light. Then, when motion clears, turn off the light

Nexia Automations – Appliance or Dimmer Module: Turn the aquarium light on for 12 hours per day   aquarium

Touchscreen Deadbolt: Lock the Touchscreen Deadbolt (BE469) after the door is closed.  Ensures the door is locked, but only after door is closed

Nexia Automations – Z-Wave Thermostat: When the door opens at your rental home, change thermostat from Energy Save to Run Schedule –

Nexia Automations – Outdoor Wifi Camera – Door/Window Sensor: Capture a 1 minute video clip of the front porch whenever motion is detected or the front door opens

Nexia Automations – Wi-Fi or Z-Wave Thermostat – Door/Window Sensor: When the sliding door opens, change the thermostat mode to Off

Nexia Automations – Z-Wave Lock: Lock your door every night at sunset. 0060-lock_close (1)


Nexia Automations – Z-Wave Lock – Garage Door Controller: Automatically lock your front door when the garage door closes

Nexia Automations – Outdoor Wifi Camera: Record the dog walker entering your home for 30 seconds, when motion is detected by the outdoor camera

Nexia Automations – Dimmer or Appliance Module: When my kid’s bathroom door opens the light turns on for 5 minutes. If they don’t shut the door within 5 minutes, the light turns off

Nexia Automations – Z-Wave Lock- Indoor Wifi Camera- Dimmer or Appliance Module: When I travel, when my wife enters a code at the front door or garage door, a camera triggers to record video for 15 seconds and particular lights come on in the home so I know she is home safely.

Nexia Automations – Dimmer or Appliance Module: Outdoor porch and flood lights turn on at sunset every night

Nexia Automations – Appliance Module: Turn on the coffee pot every morning and off again mid-morning

Nexia Alerts: Send my son a text message every Wednesday evening to remind him to set the trash by the curb the next morning before school

Nexia Automations – Motion Sensor – Water Valve  If the motion sensor detects the dog on top of the hot tub cover, turn on the water hose to chase him off 🙂