5 Smart Home Tricks to Simplify the Back-to-School Transition


Getting into the school year routine can be tough for everyone. Earlier bedtimes, homework, sports practice – so many adjustments at once.
No need to face the transition alone with these 5 smart home tricks guaranteed to simplify the process.

  1. Wake up call:  Begin the day with lights turning on by schedule. You could start the automation by illuminating a dimly lit bedside lamp and then progressing to the brighter overhead light, or maybe jump to the bold and bright for those who are tougher to wake up. Set the bathroom light to come on  at a time when the kids should be heading to brush teeth.
    Add these to your system: There are many smart lighting options  including the Linear LED light bulb, GE Wireless In-Wall Light Control Dimmer  and the Dimmer Module for controlling lamps.
  2. Getting out the door: Keep everyone on task with notifications sent to their mobile devices. “Grab dance clothes” may pop up on Mondays and Thursdays while “Take out the Trash” notifications appear every Wednesday.
    Create this automation: Select “When this happens” – Schedule event: Recurring event: Choose day and time. Then select, “Do This” – Send an alert: Enter your task. Use the Nexia Web portal, mynexia.com, to be sure your intended recipient is set to receive the alert.
  3. Home alone: Your student may be old enough to spend the after school hours at home alone, but it’s always nice to know when they’ve arrived and are secure inside. A connected door lock sends you a message when a select door code is entered and also can lock itself after a set period of time.
    Add this to your system: The Schlage Touchpad Deadbolt Lock allows each family member to have a unique door code and lets you change it should  your child decide to share it with others.
  4. Homework Focus: Indoor and outdoor cameras record the action when you can’t be at home. See which of your children’s friends pop by, whether the focus is on homework or video games, and if the backpack made it home or was lost along the way.
    Add these to your system: Strategically position Nexia HD WiFi Indoor and Outdoor cameras and determine what triggers to set for recording – motion, door unlocking or other actions.
  5. Lights out:  Turn off television, lights, video games and other distractions at set times or give your child the ability to control lights, a ceiling fan and more with the push of a button.
    Add this to your system: The Nexia One Touch gives children and guests a way to remotely control lights or other automations.