Best Home Automation Gifts



What are the best home automation gifts this holiday season?

A smart home is a safe, comfortable home, and what better way to help out with the automation process than giving some amazing gifts this holiday season? From security to safety to practicality, these gifts are the best that home automation has to offer!

Nexia Z-Wave Bridge

The Nexia Z-Wave bridge, paired with the Windows 10 app, is a great place to begin your home automation process. Connect your Nexia bridge to the internet, hook up any automated accessories, and you’re essentially good to go. The list of Z-Wave products compatible with Nexiais quite extensive, and other smart devices from Nest, Schlage, and even the Amazon Echo also work with Nexia.

“I found setting up and using the Nexia system to be one of the best home automation systems I have used so far.”
— Daniel Rubino, Windows Central Editor-in-Chief

There is a monthly $10 subscription fee to use the Nexia system, but you get 250MB of video storage, remote access to all devices connected to Nexia, and the ability to connect over 250 Z-Wave devices. The Nexia bridge starts at about $85.

By: Cale Hunt

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