Ecolink Z-Wave Garage Door Tilt Sensor

Affordable Z-Wave garage door tilt sensor communicates with the Nexia bridge and smartphone app to indicate door position (open or closed). Enhances home security and provides peace of mind that the door was not inadvertently left open, and can be monitored remotely from anywhere. Easily added to the inside of an overhead garage door in just a few minutes using mounting screws or double sided tape. Can be used with Nexia Automations to act as a trigger when the door is opened or closed (or in a certain state for a defined length of time) to send an alert to your smartphone or trigger another action.

  • Communicates with Z-Wave gateway and smartphone app to indicate garage door position is open or closed
  • Features Gold Plated tilt components for industry leading reliability
  • Easy installation with included flush mount bracket
  • Five year battery life (CR123)
  • Auxilliary contacts available for external triggers

Ecolink Garage Tilt Sensor User Guide

*Requires the Nexia Bridge (BR100 or BR200) or Trane/American Standard XL824/ 850/1050 smart thermostat in order to communicate with your Nexia app.

**Requires a paid Nexia Subscription.  Link here for our subscription plans outlined.