Linear® Z-Wave Garage Door Controller

Never again worry that you left the house without closing the garage door.  With the Linear Z-Wave Garage Door Controller, you’ll always know whether your home is secure.  Conveniently monitor and operate your garage door from anywhere through the Nexia app.

  • Simple, DIY installation
  • Ability to open, close and monitor your garage door via the Nexia web and mobile app
  • Receive alerts anytime your garage door is opened or closed
  • Fully compatible with automations, including scheduled closing of your garage door
  • Works with virtually all sectional automatic garage door openers; simply connects to the existing motorized opener
  • Audible and visual notification prior to movement of the garage door
  • Works in conjunction with your operator’s built-in safety features
  • Operates as a repeater in the Z-Wave mesh network

Included Accessories

  • Power supply 120VAC / 60Hz to 12VDC
  • Garage Door Position Sensor
  • All mounting hardware

Compatibility List

Garage Door Types

This control can be installed on section type (roll-up) doors.


The garage door control is compatibile with any system that permits a simple pushbutton connection.

Your existing operator should be equipped with a safety beam system.

In most cases, if you have a simple pushbutton switch to control your garage door,  then the GD00Z-5 will be compatible.

Higher-end controllers with proprietary communications will NOT be compatible. Controllers that are not compatible include Chamberlain MyQ models, Craftsman AssureLink / MyQ models, LiftMaster MyQ models, and Genie Series III models.

Note:  LiftMaster / Chamberlain / Craftsman garage door motors connected to a Smart Control Panel (these have an LCD display for the time and a motion sensor that turns on the light) are not  compatible with the GD00Z-5.

However, if the Smart Control Panel is replaced by a standard pushbutton switch (no LCD display) the GD00Z-5 MAY work with the garage door motor.

In this case, the incompatibility is created by the Smart Control Panel and not the garage door motor itself.

To be certain the Linear garage door control is compatible with your operator,  please contact the customer support number for your operator and have the manufacturer confirm it can be controlled with a standard switch (dry contact relay) from anyone.   If this is true, then the garage door control should be compatible with your operator.

Garage Types

This control is recommend for attached garages.

Z-Wave communications is designed for indoor use and is not reliable through exterior walls and outdoor weather conditions.

If you have more than one garage door, there should not be a problem adding a control to each door to allow for individual control.  The tilt sensor and control unit are uniquely paired at the factory.


*Any LiftMaster/Chamberlain/Craftsman manufactured after 2011 or using security plus 2.0 or AssureLink tech will not work” Also, this device is not intended to work with a commercial unit.

Download The Installation Guide and Warranty Information

*Requires the Nexia Bridge (BR100 or BR200) or Trane/American Standard XL824/ 850/1050 smart thermostat in order to communicate with your Nexia app.

**Requires a paid Nexia Subscription.  Link here for our subscription plans outlined.

Need more help?  See our online help files for step-by-step instructions and trouble-shooting.  View the video tutorials for installation and enrollment: enrollment via the mobile app or enrollment via the web portal.