Nexia BR200 Bridge

Category: System Control
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Enjoy a seamless smart home experience with the Z-Wave + certified Nexia BR200 Bridge.

As the hub of your system, it securely monitors and lets compatible Z-Wave products work together.

Gives you choices for managing your Nexia compatible smart home: voice control using Amazon Echo or Google Home, or with the app or web portal using any internet-enabled smart phone, tablet or computer.

  • Lets you manage your home through your online Nexia account and mobile app
  • Establishes a secure, encrypted connection to Nexia through your home router and broadband Internet connection
  • Offers full backup and restore functionality for peace of mind
  • Provides Wi-Fi connectivity to your home router, which enables placement where an Ethernet connection is not practical
  • Wirelessly manages a network of as many as 230 Z-Wave products at the same time
  • Supports more than 500 Nexia-compatible devices from many different manufacturers, giving you flexibility of choice


Download the Nexia BR200 Bridge User Manual

**Link here for an outline of Nexia’s subscription plans.