Nexia Z-Wave Doorbell Sensor

The Nexia Z-Wave Doorbell Sensor lets you know when someone rings your door bell – even while you’re away or if you can’t hear it. Plus, enjoy additional benefits syncing it with other Nexia-compatible smart home devices.

The doorbell sensor connects directly to your indoor chime and detects when the doorbell has been rung.  When the doorbell is pressed, the sensor sends a signal to Nexia which can send an alert, trigger an automation, and log the event in your Nexia account.

  • Receive alerts directly to your smartphone when someone has rung your doorbell
  • Automate your doorbell sensor with other Nexia compatible products such as an outdoor camera to record video for later playback or a light to turn on whenever the doorbell is detected.
  • Track how many times the delivery man really did attempt to deliver your package by referencing your Nexia event history
  • Simple installation- Attach the sensor to your doorbell chime box with hardware included
* The sensor is compatible with doorbell chimes using 24VAC- 40VAC only.  If you are unsure of your doorbell’s voltage rating, please contact a qualified electrician.

Download The Doorbell Sensor- Installation Guide

*Requires the Nexia Bridge (BR100 or BR200) or Trane/American Standard XL824/ 850/1050 smart thermostat in order to communicate with your Nexia app.

**Requires a paid Nexia Subscription.  Link here for an outline of Nexia’s subscription plans.