With pan and tilt features, this WiFi camera allows you to re-aim to see a particular section of a room. There’s also no need for a separate motion sensor to pair with the camera, since it includes motion detection within the camera. It’s perfect for setting up automations that record video in your home only when motion is sensed.

Because this is a Verizon close-out item, please read below to understand the features supported by Nexia.

VZ Pan-Tilt Camera

Features Nexia supports:

  • Motion Detection (PIR Sensor)
  • Pan and Tilt actions via the web portal or mobile app (in 5 degree increments per click/tap)
  • Privacy button
  • Low/High Resolution (320 x 240 & 640 x 480)
  • MotionJPEG video streaming
  • Stream/Record up to 4 minutes at low or high resolution

Features Nexia currently does not support:

  • Flip position- Flips the image so the user can mount the camera upside down and flip the picture
  • Mirror position – Switches the image so it appears as if looking through a mirror
  • Ability to the additional LED lights turn on/off
  • Ability to store certain X/Y positions for a single command: “pan/tilt to X/Y”
  • “Patrol” mode – Stores multiple positions and cycles through all
  • Ability to change P/T speed
  • Built-in microphone and speaker


Installation Guide