Creating a reminder alert automation


Create reminder alerts using the desktop portal.

  1. Go to Automations tab at top of
  2. Select Add Automation
  3. Step3reminderautomations
    Name the automation and add a description to remind you why you created it
  4. Under “If this happens” select “Add a trigger” and then choose “Time”
  5. 2auto
    In this example, we want to create a recurring reminder for a child to grab his football gear at 6:45 on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before he leaves for school. Select your frequency, the appropriate days and time of day for your reminder alert, and then select “OK” .
  6. 4auto
    Next, go to Do this Action, select “Add Action”, then “Alerts” and type in the alert to send.
  7. 3auto
    Once the reminder has been created, set who receives it from the Alerts tab at the top of the page. There you can select which mobile device receives the alerts and check  the corresponding alert before saving.