Extend the Power and Versatility of Nexia with New IFTTT Integration



Smart home leader Nexia added more versatility and flexibility through a new integration with IFTTT that allows subscribers to connect to thousands of additional smart devices and services – from cars and household appliances to social media and streaming entertainment.

IFTTT (which stands for “if this, then that”) uses simple applets to connect services and devices from different manufacturers and create new and custom experiences. IFTTT users can create their own applets at IFTTT.com or choose from existing applets including some from Nexia.

The new IFTTT integration extends Nexia’s capabilities across other home automation platforms –including popular products like Phillips Hue bulbs, WeMo switches, and Netgear Arlo cameras– and lets subscribers include countless devices and services in their Nexia automations.

“The beauty of Nexia has always been its ability to be as flexible as our subscribers need it to be,” said Nexia general manager George Land. “Adding IFTTT opens Nexia control to an even wider variety of top-tier brands – from Philips and BMW to Whirlpool and WeMo.”

For example, Nexia subscribers can use IFTTT to:

  • Include a Philips Hue lighting routine or WeMo switch in a Nexia automation such as slowly dimming the lights and lowering the thermostat as bedtime approaches;
  • Start a Whirlpool washing machine cycle from a Nexia automation such as when the garage door shuts on the way to work;
  • Call your cell phone with an automated message when a door is unlocked or a smoke detector goes off;
  • Launch a Nexia automation when your car is in a certain place and turned off such as setting the home in Away mode when a subscriber is at work;
  • Set a GE water heater to a new operating mode with a Nexia automation such as when there’s no motion detected for 30 minutes to indicate the house is empty.

But there are literally thousands of different ways to mix and match. Visit IFTTT.com to get started by either choosing from existing applets or by creating your own and sharing with other users.