How much is the monthly fee?

  • An active Nexia subscription costs $9.99/month.

What is included in the monthly fee?

  • The ability to add hundreds of devices to personalize your Nexia system
  • 4 GB of video storage
  • Remote control and access to all devices on your Nexia account
  • Numerous types of custom and default alerts to always be aware of critical events
  • Easy-to-create automations that make your devices work together and on your schedule
  • Full-featured mobile app that can be customized per user
  • Easy system expansion as your needs grow and change
  • Unlimited number of mobile users per account
  • Multiple properties per account
  • Comprehensive, downloadable event history
  • Monthly feature updates
  • Live US-based, 7 day support

Can I buy extra video storage?

  • Yes. 4 GB is included with the standard subscription, and, for $1.99 a month, you can add an additional 12 GB or $3.98 for 24 GB.

How many devices can I add to my system?

  • You can add up to 230 Z-Wave devices, an unlimited number of Nexia WiFi cameras, and an unlimited number of Trane or American Standard Nexia-enabled WiFi thermostats, making the system easy to expand as your needs change.

How many houses can I have on one account?

  • There is no practical limit to the number of homes that can be on your account. Some customers with multiple rental and vacation properties have more than 30 homes on a single account. (Note that each home is subject to the $9.99 monthly subscription.)

How many mobile apps can I add to my account?

  • You can add an unlimited number of mobile apps to your account. The app can be individually customized for each user.

How many users can I have on one account?

  • You can add an unlimited number of mobile users per account.

Is there a contract or cancellation fee?

  • No. We want you to have choices and flexibility.  That's why there are no cancellation fees or long-term contracts.  You can cancel at any time. Note, after cancellation all of the products you purchased will still work in your home—you just won't be able to access them online from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Why should I pick Nexia over free services?

  • No service can operate for free. Other services might use higher hardware fees, advertising, data selling, or other options instead of monthly fees.
  • Nexia is proud to offer a complete, low-cost system with no hidden fees and no contracts. And as always, our personal support is available when you need us.


Can I download event history?

  • You can download your comprehensive event history.

How can I access and control my system?

  • You can log in to your system via our web portal at or use your mobile app from anywhere with an internet connection.

How do I know if a device I already own works with Nexia?

  • Please reference this article to see if your product is compatible with Nexia.

How do I receive alerts for system events?

  • Use the Nexia Alerts tab in the website or mobile app to select which alerts each person should receive.

How often are features added?

  • Features are updated monthly. There are always new and existing options to try.

What are automations?

  • Automations run your home automatically. Examples include:  Locking your doors at sunset, turning off lights when no motion is detected in an empty room, sounding an alarm if a window opens unexpectedly,  sending an alert if water is detected in the basement, and many more.  If you can imagine it, you can probably automate it.

What can I do with Nexia?

  • Turn off your water automatically if a leak is detected in your house.
  • Create automations to turn on fans or dehumidifiers/humidifiers when a certain temperature or humidity point is reached.
  • Record a video clip of the front porch whenever the doorbell is rung or the front door opens.
  • When motion is detected in the kids playroom, set an automation to turn on the light. Then, when motion clears, turn off the light.
  • Monitor the temperature in areas of the house where a thermostat doesn’t exist such as bedrooms, basements and second floors.

What is a Nexia Certified device?

  • This is a classification that means the product has passed rigorous testing for seamless integration with Nexia.

Where can I buy smart products for my Nexia system?

  • You can look at devices on our products page  and choose to buy from either Amazon or


Do I need technical knowledge to set up my system?

  • You do not need to be a technology expert to set up and use Nexia. We’ll walk you through each step. Our goal is to make smart home control simple for everyone.

How can I access and control my system?

  • You can control your system through the Nexia app or the web portal at

Is Nexia secure?

  • To ensure security, Nexia continually uses the latest tests and tools. Nexia communications are fully encrypted with AES128 encryption standards similar to online banking. We have our system regularly tested by third-party experts to minimize vulnerabilities.

What is Z-wave?

  • Z-Wave is a wireless technology designed specifically for home automation. It allows Z-Wave enabled devices to talk to each other, to provide information to Nexia, and to receive commands from Nexia such as “unlock door” or “turn down thermostat”.   You do not need to be a Z-Wave expert to use Nexia.

What operating platforms does Nexia work with?

  • Nexia works with iOS, Android, and Windows.

What technology does Nexia use?

  • Nexia uses several wireless technologies to support our smart products.   We primarily use Z-Wave and Wi-Fi.


Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

Are your cameras battery operated?

  • All cameras (including wireless cameras) must be plugged into power.

Can you use other manufacturer’s cameras with Nexia?

  • Not at this time. The Schlage and Nexia Indoor and Outdoor Cameras are designed to provide a secure video connection, along with easy plug and play installation, not currently available with other cameras. Nexia cameras are proprietary to the Nexia system.

Do all cameras provide Motion Detection and Night Vision?

  • Some cameras have these features, but not all.
    Note that camera models and features do change over time.
    Please review the features for each camera to find the model that fits your application.

Do any cameras provide Pan/Tilt/Zoom?

  • None at this time. Please review the features for each camera to find the model that fits your application.

Do I need a Nexia Bridge for the camera to work?

  • A Nexia Bridge is not required for use of the camera.  The camera is a Wi-Fi device and will connect directly to your router.  (Note:  A bridge is required to control Z-Wave devices such as locks, thermostats, and sensors.)

Do your cameras have a microphone and speaker option?

  • Camera microphone and speakers are not enabled at this time.

Do your cameras provide continuous video streaming? Do they record 24/7?

  • No. The cameras provide a 4 minute video stream (either live or recorded) to monitor events at your home. They cannot be set for continuous streaming.

Is there a separate charge for video storage?

  • The standard subscription includes 4 GB of video storage. For an additional $1.99 a month (per camera), video storage capacity can be upgraded to 12 GB.

Is your video secure?

  • Yes. Through your Nexia subscription, the camera encrypts the data and creates a secure connection directly to the video server.

What is the temperature range for the Outdoor Camera?

  • Please see the specifications for each camera for ratings.

Where is video stored?

  • Camera video is saved in the cloud (Nexia servers). Saved videos can be downloaded to your local computer.

Lighting Controls

How do they extend the Z-wave network?

  • As a secondary function, lighting devices will improve your overall Z-Wave network by rebroadcasting messages.   If you have a larger home, then adding a few lighting devices can help improve Z-Wave signal coverage throughout the home.

What are these modules used for?

  • Lighting controls allow you to easily automate lighting in your home with Nexia.
    For example, schedule lights to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise.
    Or use with a motion detector to turn on the hallway light when motion is detected at night.

What is the difference between Appliance and Dimmer modules?

  • Appliance modules can be turned on/off only; no dimming. Use appliance modules to control small appliances, electronics, or non-dimmable bulbs.
  • Dimmer modules have an outlet which can be controlled from 0-100%. Use only with bulbs that are designed for dimming.
  • Both modules can be fully controlled and automated using Nexia.

Will they work with any type of light?

  • Appliance modules will control any type of light bulb.   Dimmer modules will only work with bulbs that are rated to support dimming.   Incandescent lights support dimming.   For CFL and LED bulbs, consult your bulb’s information sheet or customer support to verify dimming.

Nexia Bridge

Can the Bridge be used as a Z-Wave Secondary controller?

  • If you have this question, then you are likely a Z-Wave expert already!
    Yes, the Nexia bridge can be used as a secondary controller.
    However, because of the advanced feature set of Nexia, we recommend the Nexia bridge remain the primary controller. Please contact our support team to discuss your application in more detail.

How many devices can the Bridge control?

  • The Nexia Bridge can hold and control more than 200 Z-Wave products at the same time so you can start small and grow your system as you like.

Is the Bridge battery powered?

  • No.  The bridge must be powered for normal operation.
    The Nexia standalone Bridge does have a battery connection, but this is only used to allow the bridge to be portable when including devices. It does not have a backup battery.

Is the Bridge wireless? (Wireless connection to the router)?

  • The Nexia standalone bridge must be connected to the router with an Ethernet cable.

    If using Trane or American Standard 824/850 thermostats, then the bridge and thermostat connect via WiFi.

What happens when the power or internet goes out?

  • If your power goes out, the Nexia Bridge will not be able to communicate with the Nexia-enabled devices in your home, so you won’t be able to remotely control the system until power is reinstated. There is no compromise to security when the power in your house is interrupted—all the security devices stay in their current state, you just cannot remotely access them.  Additionally, your system will maintain all of the settings previously programmed into the account so nothing will have to be reprogrammed once power returns.
  • Special note for Schlage Locks:  Schlage Home Keypad locks with Nexia function on standard, everyday batteries so you can operate them even if your home's power/internet goes out.  The "always active" codes are stored in the lock and can be used even if the power is out.  The Nexia apps show the battery status of Schlage locks and typical battery life is longer than a year.

Why do I need a Nexia Bridge?

  • The Nexia bridge is the pipeline between the Nexia server and Z-Wave devices in your home. It is the hub that allows your Z-wave devices to communicate with each other.
  • The Nexia bridge is available in two formats:
    A standalone box which connects directly to your router, or
    The bridge is also integrated into Trane and American Standard 824/850 thermostats.


Are the thermostats programmable for 7 days?

  • Yes.

Are these thermostats battery operated?

  • No. Trane and American standard thermostats require 24VAC power.

Can I enroll more than on thermostat in my account?

  • Yes.

Can I install these thermostats myself?

  • Z-Wave Thermostats purchased online can be self-installed. However, due to a wide variety of HVAC systems, please contact your local HVAC professional if you have questions regarding installation or wiring. Trane and American Standard WiFi thermostats should be purchased and installed through your local dealer.

Can you set the thermostats below 55 degrees?

  • In accordance with industry standards, Trane and American Standard thermostats cannot be set below 55 degrees. Please contact your local dealer for more details if you require a lower setting.

What type of HVAC systems work with Nexia-certified Trane and American Standard WiFi Thermostats

  • Trane and American Standard 824:
    Compatible with the conventional 24 volt cooling, heating, heat pump and dual fuel forced air systems.
  • Trane and American Standard 850:
    Compatible with conventional 24 volt cooling, heating and heat pump dual fuel systems when used with a relay panel. Also compatible with Trane and American Standard Communicating and Variable Speed systems.
  • Trane and American Standard 950:
    Compatible with conventional 24 volt cooling, heating and heat pump dual fuel systems when used with a relay panel. Also compatible with Trane and American Standard Communicating and Variable Speed systems. Provides control for a zoned system.

With what types of systems will the Trane® Home Energy management thermostats work?

It will work with most brands of the following types of systems:

  • Gas furnace – Single stage and multi stage
  • Electric furnace or air handler
  • Electric cooling
  • Electric heat pump – Single stage or two stage or two speedBefore purchasing any thermostat, please consult your local Trane or American Standard dealer to verify compatibility with your system.