Help Your Home Make the Grade at Back-To-School Time



As your kids head back to school, there’s no better time to make sure your home makes the grade – and is as smart as it can be. While a smart home is great for keeping things safe and sound when you’re off enjoying summer vacation, it really shines during the crazy days of fall.

Getting started with Nexia, for example, costs less than $100 and allows you to expand your system at your own pace with easy, do-it-yourself products that work seamlessly together. With everything you have to remember – school clothes and supplies, lunches, parent-teacher conferences, game schedules – Nexia takes the worry out of managing your home.

It can even help with the kids, who are still adjusting to their new schedules. Setting bedroom lights to come on gradually when it’s time to wake up helps roust them from bed. Motion detectors or multi-sensors can let you know if your teen is awake without having to constantly check his or her room. And if there’s no motion after 10 minutes, a Nexia-certified siren and strobe light can remind them that the bus won’t wait.

Once awake, a kid who’s a little sloppy in the tub or shower can be reminded to minimize the splashing with a water sensor that changes the color of the bathroom light if the floor gets too wet.

Nexia’s new geo-fencing capability allows you to see when your child (and their mobile phone) reaches school and when they leave. As they get close to home, you can receive an alert that they are in the neighborhood. You can program your door locks to trigger different automations for each child in your family – from locking the door behind your forgetful fourth-grader to capturing video of your social sophomore.

Nexia can even help encourage good homework habits – by cutting power to the PlayStation until after dinner. Instead of telling your little scholar for the millionth time to use better lighting while doing homework, just ask your Amazon Echo to set the light to 90%. Because Nexia is compatible with the hands-free voice control speaker, Alexa – unlike your kids – will actually listen.