HVAC Contractor Stays 'Relevant' by Installing Home Automation


“If you are an HVAC contractor and you want to stay relevant, you’d better start learning about home automation. You do not have a choice; it is the way the world is going. If you want to be an active member of the HVAC industry five to 10 years from now, you have to be knowledgeable about connected controls and the connected home. Even the communicating systems within just the HVAC world are changing. Air handlers and condensers are communicating via Ethernet cable… so it is already happening. If you are resisting it, your company is not going to be in a good spot in the future. Plus, customers love it! So why would you not want to get into home automation?”

The 34-year-old company, Air & Energy, only started in home automation five years ago, but it now sells 100 percent of its clients a Nexia Home control system and smart thermostat for HVAC.

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