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Programmable Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

As a Trane or American Standard dealer, your living depends on selling high quality heating and cooling systems. In addition to offering the most reliable Trane or American Standard systems, you can increase the energy efficiency of the product when you add Nexia. Nothing is more efficient than a heater or air conditioner that runs only when it’s needed, can sense when its occupants have arrived home and can have the temperature adjusted from anywhere.

American homeowners spend $29 billion each year on air conditioning alone, according to the Department of Energy. Increased energy efficiency helps homes and businesses cut costs — and that leads to happier customers. For today’s smart homes, Nexia automations are key to powering energy-efficient HVAC products. Nexia helps customers get more from their HVAC investment, and it gives you a powerful and affordable option to offer your customers.

Getting Started

Nexia’s low monthly cost of just $9.99 puts energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems within the reach of any budget. Your customers start with the Trane and American Standard thermostat that contains a Nexia Bridge, which can manage residential and commercial HVAC systems, as well as lighting, garage door openers, locks, security alarms and video cameras.

Once Nexia is connected, your customers can manage their heating and cooling systems from the smart phone app or web portal — anywhere in the world, at any time of day. Nexia is also easy to install in any home and requires no programming skills, which makes training your team a cinch.

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Getting Started

Learn more about how Nexia’s products can supercharge your HVAC business? Help your clients spend smarter and save more by adding more home automation options to your existing HVAC systems’ offerings.
Whether you serve residential or commercial clients — or both — Nexia has what you need to succeed, including account representatives who can perform demos for your clients, marketing support, and even an employee purchasing program. Install energy efficient HVAC systems and train your customers like a pro when you partner with Nexia to grow your business.

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Purchase a Nexia Bridge to manage all of your smart home devices in one place. Nexia is compatible with leading smart home manufacturers' products.


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Configure your smart home system and set your preferences. As you add components, Nexia grows with you.



Download the Nexia app to manage your smart home while on the go.

Nexia's home automation system delivers personalized, flexible control over your smart home, all for just $9.99 per month. Want to learn more about how it works? Our Getting Started page has a complete preview. Explore Nexia.