Manage your home with these new Nexia Compatible products


Below outlines the new Nexia-compatible products: 

  • Andersen Windows Verilock sensors report both open/closed and locked/unlock.  The sensors are compatible with any E-Series or A-Series Andersen window produced since 1998.
  • Smoke detectors from First Alert (Z-Wave) and Nest (integration coming soon) alert you to potential danger.
  • Go Control flow detector attaches to nearly any copper residential or light commercial main or other water supply pipe and senses when water is flowing through the pipe. Available Soon!

Connected, motorized window shades let in natural light at the right times, save energy, and maintain privacy.  The following products are available now.

  • Z-Wave motors from Bali, Graber, or Budget Blinds.
  • Pella Insynctive motorized blind, including between the glass via a Pella Insynctive Z-Wave bridge.
  • Historically, any “RTS” motor from Bali, Graber, Budget Blinds, or Somfy via a Somfy ZRTSI-2 RTS to Z-Wave converter.

New options available for connected thermostats.

  • Nest thermostat customers soon will enjoy the benefits of Nexia. They are joining those who already have access to premier comfort control through Z-Wave thermostats such as those from Trane and Honeywell or WiFi thermostats from Trane and American Standard.
  • For those with electric baseboard heat, Stelpro introduces a compatible Z-Wave thermostat that supports line voltage controls.

New options available now for connected locks.

  • Choices for Nexia compatible locks have expanded to include PIN code management for all three major brands of Z-Wave locks – Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale.

Several options for connected water shut off valves, which can help protect your home from water damage, are available now.

  • Compatible Z-Wave based water shut off valves are available from FortrezZ, WaterCop, and Leak Gopher.

Color controlled connected Zipato light bulbs allow you to adjust lighting color for different tasks or to alert you when certain conditions occur, such as turning a light bulb to red when the doorbell rings or when water is detected in the basement.  Available Now.