Make Business Travel Successful with a Secure, Affordable Smart Home



Smart-Home Leader Nexia Offers Easy Tips on Getting Started

Last minute business travel can feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants. Standing in line at the TSA checkpoint, it hits you: In the mad dash to the airport, you forgot to close the garage door. And set the sprinklers. And turn off the kitchen lights. And you can’t remember whether you locked the front door.

Ease the sense of dread and uncertainty. A secure, reliable and affordable smart home system lets your house take care of itself while you rack up frequent flyer miles. As prices come down and products work seamlessly together, more people are discovering the ease and convenience of joining the smart home revolution – either by buying systems built into new homes or as do-it-yourselfers.

“The ease and reliability of today’s smart homes put the future within reach of virtually anyone,” said George Land, general manager of smart-home leader Nexia, one of the most established players in the industry. “Once people live in a smart home, they can’t imagine living without one.”

Nexia’s powerful wireless bridge lets subscribers manage and control products from top manufacturers such as Schlage, GE, First Alert, Rachio, GoControl, Trane, American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning, Fibaro Andersen and Pella.

Instead of sweating over your house while you’re in a pressure cooker meeting, imagine shutting the garage door, scheduling the sprinklers to water twice a week and making the house appear occupied by setting lights to turn on automatically and blinds to close on their own. And not only can you lock the front door remotely, you can open it, too – say to let in the dog walker.

Anyone can get started with a smart home system for less than $100.

Land offers these smart home solutions for common travel scenarios:

Where the rubber meets the road: It hits you right about the time you get through airport security: Is the coffee pot on? Did you shut the garage door? Are you cooling an empty house? With a couple of quick taps on your cell phone, Nexia answers these nagging questions. And with one more tap, you can remotely remedy the issue from anywhere.

 ROI: Put your mind at ease, knowing everything is quiet on the home front with an easy check-in using HD Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras. Stream the live encrypted video to your smartphone or record video to watch later if your sensors detect motion. Similarly, you can assign the neighbor who’s looking after your pets a personal code to your connected door lock and receive a text or email alert every time he or she enters your home. And, for safe measure, set the door to relock itself 10 minutes after they leave.

Fake It Until You Make It (home, that is): An empty-looking house creates a tempting target for burglars. Automations  lets you make your house looked lived in with lights that come on at dusk – or any time you like – and by turning the radio or TV on or off over the course of the day. Window coverings also can open and close on a pre-programmed schedule – or control them remotely from anywhere. And a smart sprinkler controller makes sure your flowers are taken care of without wasting water.

Deliverables: You may navigate uncharted waters in your line of work, but no one wants to come home to water damage from an untended leak. Smart water and temperature sensors detect a leak, alert you immediately, and even work with water valves to automatically turn off the water and prevent greater damage.  Similarly, a carbon monoxide alarm sends you an alert wherever you are if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected. Installing a strobe light and siren increases security by activating when doors or windows are breached by an intruder.

Circling Back: Make your return home as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Program your thermostat to turn the air conditioner on at your scheduled landing time so your home is just the right temperature when you walk in the front door.