Smart Home Leader Nexia Offers Easy Tips on Making the Most of Your Summer

It’s summer time and the living is easy – and a smart home can make it doubly so with security, convenience and energy-saving features that make every day feel like a vacation from household worry.

As prices come down and products operate seamlessly together, more people are discovering how easy and convenient it is to join the smart home revolution – either by buying systems built into new homes or as do-it-yourselfers. A homeowner can get started with a Nexia smart home system for less than $100

“Whether you’re planning a grand world tour or a staycation this summer, a smart home powered by Nexia can take care of itself while you’re out having fun,” said George Land, general manager of smart-home leader Nexia, one of the most established players in the industry. “A smart home can also be a fun home.”

Nexia’s powerful wireless bridge lets subscribers manage and control products from top manufacturers such as Schlage, GE, First Alert, Rachio, GoControl, Trane, American Standard Heating and Air Conditioning, Fibaro, Andersen, Pella and Amazon.

Here are five ways a Nexia smart home helps make summer stress-free:

  1. Quick Getaway: Sometimes, the hardest part of any adventure is just getting out of the house – particularly if kids are involved. Nexia’s new geo-fencing feature detects when you’re a certain distance from home. For example, the minute you leave your neighborhood, Nexia can automatically make sure the doors are locked, the air conditioner is set higher and the coffee pot is turned off. And if something’s not right, it can either fix it – such as locking a door – or send you an alert – such if you left a window open.
  2. Such Service: If you’re planning to spend the summer binge-watching all the shows you missed this year, you never have to get up off the couch thanks to Nexia’s recent integration with the popular Amazon Echo voice-controlled assistant. It’s like a having a personal concierge right at home. Just tell your Alexa-enabled device to turn lights on or off, raise or lower the thermostat or create interesting custom automations with plug-in appliance and dimmer modules. For example, a Nexia user who’s an avid model railroader controls his layout by voice command.
  3. Package Protection: The problem with souvenirs is lugging them the rest of your trip. Ship them home and rest easy. With a doorbell sensor and camera combo, you can get an alert when the delivery driver rings your doorbell and seevideo of your package being dropped off. Then, just let a neighbor know and give them a personal code to unlock the front door so they can secure your new travel treasure inside. If they forget to lock up, you can do it from your smartphone anywhere in the world.
  4. Keeping Up Appearances: An empty-looking house creates a tempting target for burglars. Nexia Automations allow you to make your house looked lived in all the time. Set lights to come on at dusk – or any time you like – as well as turn the TV on or off during the course of the day. Window coverings can open and close on a pre-programmed schedule – or you can open and shut them remotely from anywhere. And a smart sprinkler controller makes sure your flowers are taken care of without wasting water.
  5. Staying Fit: Summer without air conditioning is the opposite of fun. Worse still, is coming home from a great trip to find your system on the fritz. Trane and American Standard thermostats with Nexia Diagnostics keep tabs on your heating and cooling system and can alert your installer if there’s a problem. Some issues can be addressed remotely without a service call.