Smart Home Leader Nexia Adds Geo-Fencing Features to Enhance Seamless Living Even When Away

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Smart Home Leader Nexia Adds Geo-Fencing Features to Enhance Seamless Living Even When Away

September 26, 2016

Smart home leader Nexia™, a brand of Ingersoll Rand (NYSE:IR), today enhanced the convenience and ease of living in a smart home by adding geo-fencing. The features gives subscribers even more seamless control when away from home – such as automatically lowering the blinds when they leave the neighborhood or turning down the thermostat when they head home from work.

Nexia’s free geo-fencing feature uses a subscriber’s mobile phone location service to determine when predetermined boundaries are crossed and then trigger Nexia Automations. Nexia geo-fencing works with all major smartphone platforms to perform sophisticated tasks such as activating select automations only when all users are away from or are at home.

“A smart home is not very smart if you’re constantly telling it what to do and when to do it,” said George Land, general manager of Nexia. “Geo-fencing allows your home to sense when you’re near home or driving away and respond accordingly on its own. So if you forget to close the garage door in the morning, Nexia can automatically tell when you’re a mile away, send you an alert and even close the door on its own.”

The opt-in feature does not record subscriber locations and utilizes Nexia’s rigorous security protocols to ensure privacy. To maintain security, geo-fencing features also will not unlock a deadbolt or open a garage door. Because of variations in smartphone GPS accuracy, the geo-fencing feature should not be used as the primary means of security for locking deadbolts or closing garage doors, but can be used as a backup.

Nexia subscribers utilizing the new geo-fencing features can:

  • Receive an alert when a child arrives at or leaves from school, based on the child’s smartphone GPS coordinates;
  • Have lights turn on or off when a certain distance is reached from pre-determined locations such as work or home;
  • Have the lights turn off when all home occupants leave the neighborhood;
  • Adjust the thermostat when the first occupant enters the neighborhood in the evening;
  • Set alerts to remind them that a garage door is open or a lock is not secured when they leave their neighborhood.

Nexia geo-fencing requires a GPS- and WiFi-enabled iOS or Android device with the latest version of the Nexia app (available for free download) and access granted to location services.

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