Nexia Adds Dome Online


From catching a rodent to stopping a leak, the Nexia smart home system has three additions to its lineup that give users even more control over their home.

Nexia teamed up with Z-Wave device manufacturer Dome to add their Mouser, Water Main Shut-Off and Siren to the list of 500-plus Nexia compatible devices.

“We are thrilled to add these Dome products and their unique offerings to the Nexia ecosystem,”   said George Land, General Manager for Nexia. “They provide our customers with new ways to solve daily problems and increase the value that Nexia brings to their homes.”

All three products are being sold through the Nexia online store  – Nexia Direct.

Defense against rodents

The Dome Mouser is a Z-Wave, electric mousetrap that instantly lets a user know when a mouse is successfully captured. Battery powered, it can be placed anywhere and humanely zaps the rodent with a jolt of electricity.  Unlike other mousetraps, this one immediately notifies its user when a rodent meets its demise.

Contain the leak

The Dome Water Main Shut-Off fits over many existing valves and can be installed using only a screwdriver. No plumber required. Paired with a leak sensor, it can automatically turn off the water when a leak is detected. In addition, the Water Main Shut-off can be used to turn off the water valve at any time by using the Nexia app or web portal.

Choose the sound

With 10 different chime sounds and three volume levels, the Dome Siren audibly alerts a user to a wide variety of activities. It’s possible to differentiate between an alarming shriek for an event like a water leak and a quieter “beep” when a door is opened. This differs from most sirens that offer only one sound at different volumes.

Sound choices for the Dome Siren include:

  • “Ding Dong”
  • “Fur Elise”
  • “Grandfather Clock”
  • “Beep Boop Beep Boop”
  • “William Tell Overture”
  • “Turkish March”
  • “Police”
  • “Klaxon”
  • “Fast Beep”
  • “Slow Beep”