Updates on Nexia Innovations

Since demonstrating full control of a Nexia system via an Amazon Echo at CES earlier this year, we’ve been working closely with Amazon on the production release.  Lights and thermostats are first, so when you are home and in a room with an Alexa-enabled device such as the Echo, Tap or Dot, you can now simply tell Alexa how to adjust your lighting and comfort system.    Next up, the ability to create real time automations by using simple voice commands through Amazon Echo.

As Geofencing enters its final phase of testing, we invite you to try out this feature and automate your home based upon the location of your family’s mobile phones.   The feature allows you to enable automations like setting back the thermostat, turning off the lights, and assuring the garage is closed whenever all the smart phones have left your house or turning on lights when you return.

To try this exciting new home automation innovation, follow these four, simple steps.

  1. Log on to your account at www.mynexia.com
  2. Click Edit underneath the house picture
  3. Enter the feature code “geofence” to enable the geofencing tab
  4. Visit https://mynexia.helpdocsonline.com/#geofences for full details.

The next line of Nexia cameras, as debuted at CES, bring a new level of quality to your recordings. Expect a clearer image with 720p resolution and room to store footage with  32Gb of on board storage, so that video can be recorded continuously to ensure that you never miss capturing events of interest. More details to be released later this summer. Additionally, NestCam owners soon will be able to pair their device with Nexia and enjoy the benefits of our expanding system.

Sometimes, such as while walking, it is easier to speak a Nexia command. The upcoming Version 4.11 our mobile app will have a microphone button prominently displayed at the bottom of the home screen to activate voice control.  Simply tap the button and tell Nexia what you want to do.  If voice input is your preferred method of interacting with Nexia, you can even adjust a setting to have Nexia start listening for a voice command whenever you bring the app to the foreground.  While Siri and Google don’t support direct control of app functions, you can use them to open the app with a voice command, then control Nexia with a second spoken command.  Voice input is initially available for controlling and checking the status of the major device categories.  See the list below for details.

  • Switches: On, Off, All On, All Off. Ask current status
  • Dimmers: On, Off, Set to a percentage, All On, All, Off, Set All to a percentage, Ask current status.
  • Ceiling Fan Control: Off, Low, Medium, High, All Off, All Low, All Medium, All High, Ask current status
  • Thermostats: Set the temperature, Set the Mode, Set all the temperatures, Set all the modes, Ask current temperature, Ask current set point
  • Locks: Lock, Unlock, Lock All, Unlock All, Ask current status
  • Garage Door Control: Open, Close, Open All, Close All, Ask current status
  • Sensors: Ask current status or Motion, Contact, Temperature, and Water sensors.
  • Automations: Run
  • Mode: Set current mode, ask current mode status