Nexia puts users in control with in-app voice commands

Nexia is all about empowering its subscribers to control and manage their smart homes whenever, wherever and however they want. That’s easier than ever with new in-app voice control, powered by Vognition, that allows hands-free commands and queries in plain English.

Just  press the microphone icon at the bottom of the Nexia app dashboard, and issue a command or ask a question – such as “change the temperature to 72”,  “make it cooler in here” or “is the garage door closed?”

Vognition offers Nexia subscribers a range of options not available through other voice-control systems. The following devices accept commands from the in-app tool.

  • Switches – Turn On/Off switches one at a time or all together “Turn on the dining room light”
  • Dimmers  – Dim level Control for one Dimmer at a time or all together “Dim the living room to 50%”
  • Fan Switch – Off/Low/Med/High Control for Fan Switches, both individually and all together. “Set the office fan to high”
  • Thermostats – Adjust the set point, or Mode, for any or all thermostats “Make it warmer upstairs”
  • Locks – Lock/Unlock control of any or all locks, status inquiries of any lock “Is the front door locked?” or “Lock all the doors”
  • Garage Door Controller – Open/Close control for any or all controllers and status inquiry of an individual controller. “Is the garage door closed?”
  • Binary Sensors and Multi Level Sensors – Status Inquiry for contact, motion, and water sensors. “Is the back door open?”
  • Automations – Trigger any Automation “Run Bedtime”
  • Modes – Set the current mode “Set Away Mode”

Nexia users can test the new voice control feature in four easy steps:

  1. Install the latest version of the Nexia app
  2. Open the app, go to the dashboard and push the microphone at the bottom of the screen.
  3. When the chime sounds, state your command
  4. Watch your Nexia system respond

vognition image w nexia app

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