How To's

Before you begin…

Make sure you have the following items before getting started:

  • The Nexia Home Bridge
  • A valid email address
  • An open port on your wireless router
  • An available power outlet
  • A computer connected to the internet

Create a Nexia Home Intelligence Account and Prepare to Enroll Products

Note: If you already have a Nexia account, skip to the next section

  1. On a computer, visit  and click “Sign Up” to create a new account.
    1. Already a Nexia user?  Login to your account on a computer.
      1. If you do not have a bridge enrolled, go to the top left of the page, hover over your Home account and click edit.  Here you can add your new bridge by following the prompts in the Bridge Information. Click on the Climate tab within the dashboard and then click “Add Device” at the top right corner.  Then, skip to step #3 below.
      2. If you already had a bridge enrolled, click on the Climate tab within the dashboard and then click “Add Device” at the top right corner.  Then, skip to step #3 below.
  2. Follow the online instructions, completing your personal, home and purchase information and arrive at a page titled “Choose Your Devices.”
  3. Choose the “Nexia Home Bridge” and the “American Standard AccuLink™ Remote Thermostat”” from the Thermostats options, plus any other product you may wish to add at this time from the product list.  Then click “Continue.”
  4. Click “Continue” on the next two pages to confirm the enrollment cart and to get started; you’ll bet instructed how to enroll each of the products on your Nexia account, starting with the Bridge.
  5. Arrive at the page titled “Device Enrollment,” which offers instructions to start enrolling the bridge.  First, ensure that the bridge is unplugged to power and internet while you enter the MAC ID, as instructed on the page.

Nexia Home Bridge Enrollment

  1. Next and importantly, prepare to plug the bridge into a power outlet and to your router immediately after you hit Start on the Device Enrollment page.
  2. Once plugged in and Start is clicked, the bridge will begin enrolling and you will see a screen that shows the process stages (this may take several minutes); once the bridge is successfully enrolled you will be shown a Congratulations page and instructed how to move on to the enrollment of the Silver 624.

American Standard Silver 624 Control Enrollment

  1. Click “Continue” on the next couple pages once again to confirm that you are ready to begin enrollment
  2. Note the instructions on the Device Enrollment page before you hit Start; on your Silver 624, you will need to press Menu, scroll to the Z-Wave option, press Select, then press Yes to Enroll in Network.  As instructed, you will have 4 minutes to make these selections so that the Silver 624 enrollment process can begin.
  3.  Once enrollment is successful, you will again see a Congratulations page where you may rename your Silver 624 Control, then click Continue to proceed to the subscription plan

Subscription Plan

  1. If you were given a promotion code, you may enter it on the next page, or click “I do not have a promotion code”
  2. The next page will explain your subscription plan and ask for your authorization.  (Please note: If you are only enrolling the bridge, a connected control and an appliance or dimmer module, you will automatically be placed into the HVAC Dealer Thermostat Monthly Plan, which is a free plan.  You will not be asked to enter a credit card in this plan.  If you are enrolling any additional products now or in the future, you will be shifted into the Standard Monthly Plan, which is a flat fee of $9.99 per month.  You may enroll over 200 products on the same account for this same rate and there are no cancellation fees.)
  3. Once you check the authorization statement and click “Continue,” you will be directed to the dashboard of your account and your enrollment is complete!

Now that your American Standard Silver 624 control is enrolled, it will be displayed within the Climate page, found on the left side of the dashboard. It may take a minute or two to appear. If it does not, try refreshing the page using the browser’s refresh button.

For further help, call our Customer Support line at (877) 288-7707 or submit a help request through our website.  Or view the American Standard User Guide if you have other questions about the control, not related to Nexia.

Enhance the way you use Nexia- Add Your Mobile Device to your Account and Set Up Customized Alerts

  1. From the dashboard page, click “Mobile Devices” in the My Mobile section.  From here you can customize what each mobile device can control.
  2. To customize alerts that you can  receive via text messaging or email, go to the My Alerts tab of the dashboard and then click “Add Contact” to customize your alerts.