Nexia Setup Guide for the Trane XL824/XL850 Control


Before you begin… Make sure you have the following items before getting started:

  • A valid email address
  • Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection
  • Your network name and password
  • A computer connected to the internet

Connect your XL824/XL850 to Your Wi-Fi Network

Note: If you have previously connected your control to Wi-Fi, or if your XL824 or XL850  is wired to your LAN with an Ethernet cable, skip to the next section.

On your XL824 or XL850:

  1. Being on the home screen and press the following sequence of buttons: Menu> Settings> Network> Connect to Wi-Fi Network.
  2. Choose your Wi-Fi network and enter the password (you will see a note on the screen if it is successful).
  3. Press Home.

Create a Nexia™ Home Intelligence Account and Prepare to Enroll 

On a computer:

  1. Go to  and click “Sign Up” to create a new account.
    1. Already a Nexia user?  Login to your account.
    2. Select the Climate tab on the dashboard and then click “Add Device” at the top right corner.  Then skip to step #3 below.
  2. Proceed until you arrive at a page titled “Choose Your Devices.”
  3. From the “Thermostats” options choose the “Trane XL824 Control or Trane XL850 Control.”
  4. If you own other compatible products and wish to enroll them at this time, select those as well.
  5. Proceed until you receive a 5-digit code, write down the code.
  6. Press “Start.”

Enroll your XL824 or XL850 on Nexia™ Home Intelligence

Note: If you are not setting up your XL824 or XL850 using the built in User Setup Wizard, then on your control you will need to press Menu, then Nexia to proceed.

On your XL824 or XL850:

  1. Review and accept the License Agreement.
  2. Enter the 5-digit code you received from
  3. Wait for enrollment to occur.  Note: this could take up to 5 minutes.
  4. After enrollment is complete, you will have the opportunity to rename the XL824 or XL850 from your computer before finishing the setup.

Enrolling other Products:

If you are enrolling additional products at this time, you’ll be directed into subsequent screens to complete the enrollment process.  Once you’ve enrolled all products, you will proceed on to the subscription plan.

Subscription Plan

  1. If you were given a promotion code, you may enter it on the next page, or click “I do not have a promotion code”
  2. Review and authorize the subscription plan.
  3. Once you check the authorization statement and click “Continue,” you will be directed to the dashboard of your account and your enrollment is complete!

Now that your Trane XL824 or XL850 control is enrolled, it will be displayed within the Climate page, found on the left side of the dashboard. It may one to two minutes to appear. If it does not, try refreshing the page using the browser’s refresh button.

For further help, call our Customer Support line at (877) 288-7707 or submit a help request through our website.

Enhance the way you use Nexia- Add Your Mobile Device to your Account and Set Up Customized Alerts

  1. From the dashboard page, click “Mobile Devices” in the My Mobile section.  From here you can customize what each mobile device can control.
  2. To customize alerts that you can  receive via text messaging or email, go to the My Alerts tab of the dashboard and then click “Add Contact” to customize your alerts.