Smart cheats to simplify the daily school routine

The kids are back in school, but are you still having trouble breaking them of their summer habits? Time to get creative and find easier ways to get them up, know when they get to school and back home, make sure they stop playing video games at the right time, and then have them sleeping comfortably. We’ve got some ideas to share.

Voice Control

It’s a little too quiet and you’re kids aren’t up yet. Having your voice assistant device, such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home, at your side is great. You can integrate your Nexia home with these devices and stay in bed while you tell them to gradually turn on the lights or open the curtains in your kids’ bedrooms. While you’re at it, why not turn the temperature up in the house so it won’t be so cold when you get out of that comfy bed?


You might have heard of it, but have you tried it? It’s easier than it sounds. You choose an area you want to automate or monitor, set up a perimeter (or “fence”) around it, and then choose some actions for when cell phones come in and out of it. Did you, your partner, or your kids forget to adjust your temperature before leaving the house? With a geofence, you can have it done automatically when everyone with devices leaves.

Here’s another beautiful thing about geofencing: it doesn’t just have to be at home! You can also set up alerts for when your kids make it to school or leave campus. Sorry hooky fans!

Power to the parent

How many times have you reminded your kids that it is past their gaming time and they need to get ready for bed or do their homework? Time to pull out that Nexia mobile app, or use that handy voice assistant and take control. Last warning has passed, and – swipe – that game console is off! Or let time be the bad guy and automate it for a certain time period or hour. Either way – problem solved.

Bedtime comfort

It’s finally time to rest, and you want to be sure the whole family gets plenty of comfortable sleep. Many homes have their thermostats in common areas versus in bedrooms. Did you know that your thermostat has a built in temperature and humidity sensor that it uses to gauge when to change climate settings? Well, you can also have wireless temperature and humidity sensors in your bedrooms that communicate with your thermostat. You can balance or customize comfort across zones in your home and make it the ideal temperature for everyone to sleep well before starting another hectic day.

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