Talk to a dealer today about getting a smart HVAC system installed in your home and you could qualify to receive up to $100 in free Nexia-Certified smart home products.

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As the hub of your smart home, Trane connected thermostats and HVACs self-diagnose problems and report them automatically to your dealer.

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Nexia connects all your smart devices and allows you to control your home—and your comfort—from the palm of your hand, from anywhere!

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Manage Your Home
When You're Away,
Enjoy It More When
You're There.

It's easy to manage your home from
anywhere with Nexia. Thermostat, lights,
locks, security cameras, music, and more:
Nexia puts the power of home in your hands,
no matter where you are.

Want to learn more about what Nexia
can do for your home?

garage doors

Let the babysitter park, or schedule the door to close automatically.

windows & doors

Control who comes and goes, and know if something is open.


Keep and eye on access points and exteriors with a single click.

system control

Manage all your connected smart devices from one easy app.


Schedule for security, or easily change the lighting to match your mood.


Set it and forget, or instantly make it rain in a few clicks.

security & safety

Get instant updates when something changes or needs attention.