Z-Wave: The Smart Choice


What is Z-Wave, exactly?

It’s a next-generation wireless technology that allows communication between virtually any electronic device in your home via low powered radio waves that travel through walls, floors and cabinets.

Here are a few of the standout qualities that make Z-Wave a vital component of a secure and reliable smart home system:


Versatile and Evolving Platform

There are a number of reasons Nexia selected Z-Wave technology to power your home automation experience. For starters, it’s withstood the test of time – steadily evolving since it debuted in 2002 – and it’s an impressively versatile platform.

Signal Strength

The typical indoor Z-Wave communication range is 30-50 feet, but the great news is that through Nexia’s mesh network, each additional line-powered device extends the range by 50 feet in all directions, so there’s never a communication gap between devices. Z-Wave also has low susceptibility to interference from other wireless devices.

A Long and Happy Life

In addition to boasting a battery life of up to two years, Z-Wave products are designed with both backwards and forward compatibility in mind to make sure they don’t become obsolete. In fact, through over 10 years of product innovation, the original Z-Wave products still operate seamlessly with the latest technology.



Designed specifically for the home automation space, Z-Wave is the most widely adopted technology platform in the industry. That means Nexia is compatible with products from a variety of leading brands, ultimately giving you increased freedom of choice. In fact, there are over a thousand Z-Wave products on the market so you can tailor and expand your system as you see fit.

Simple Installation

Designed to make your life easier, adding Nexia to existing homes requires minimal technical expertise for quick and successful DIY installation. In many cases, adding a Z-Wave device to your Nexia system is as simple as a couple of clicks in the app and a single button push on the device – that’s it, and you are done!

The Alliance

Since 2005, global industry leaders – including Nexia as a principal partner – have joined forces in the Z-Wave Alliance to increase awareness and support the advancement of Z-Wave technology, ensuring that security and interoperability between systems remain at the forefront of the Z-Wave revolution.


For even more about Z-Wave, see “Z-Wave for Consumers” on the official Z-Wave® Alliance website.