Smart is Sexy with Nexia & Alexa: Setting the Valentine’s Day Mood

Tips & Tricks


Smart has always been sexy, but now your Nexia-powered smart home can help set the mood for love this Valentine’s Day. With a couple of romantic automations and an Amazon Echo (or other Alexa-powered device), Nexia subscribers can add a little technological spice to the traditional day of romance.

To surprise a sweetheart coming home after a long day at work, set an automation to their individual lock code that lowers the blinds, dims the lights and even bumps the thermostat up a couple of degrees to make slipping into something a little more comfortable, well, a little more comfortable.

Nexia subscribers with an Amazon Echo can set the automation to a voice command such as “Alexa, turn on romantic evening” and then ask Alexa to add a little musical accompaniment by saying “Alexa, play sexy music” or “Alexa, play romantic music.”

For those who want to add a little color, the new Nexia Certified Aeotec LED Strip installs in minutes under a countertop or behind a cabinet to create a rainbow of ambient light that integrates seamlessly into any Nexia automation.

Nexia-powered sensors and alarms also can help keep the evening from ending badly. For example, water sensors can ensure a romantic bubble bath doesn’t mean a flooded bathroom. Or smoke detectors can send an alert to your mobile phone if you forgot the soufflé in the oven. Or motion and light sensors can provide a little early warning if kiddos are up and out of bed.